Abdullah Atik

Abdullah Atik, “Better light a candle rather than curse to the darkness’’ – Conficius Abdullah Atik is Vice president of the Dynamic Development Association. He is a new graduate from Marmara University Faculty of Law. During his faculty life, he was co-founder and vice president of the ‘’Lawyers Volunteering Club’’ which conducted several conferences,seminars at university level mostly about Women Rights and Abondened Children. Besides the faculty activities, he became member of Dynamic Development Association which helped him participate several Erasmus+ youth exchanges and training courses in different countries around Europe since 2014. He is taking responsibilities on project writing and management. he is getting ready for the internship which will take 2 months in Italy starts from April. He is planning to work on international legal consultancy for the companies and NGO’s .
You can find some of the trainings he participated in several topics:
1. Youth Peace Builders Multipliers – European Union Training Course about Democracy and Human Rights Poland&Spain (ongoing)
2. Sport For All – European Union KA2 project about Sports Bulgaria (ongoing)
3. Developing Entrepreneurial Skills at Young People and Organisations – European Union Training of Trainers about Entrepreneurship 31.07.2016 – 07.08.2016 & 23.10.2016 – 30.10.2016 United Kingdom

You can contact him by: abdullahatik17@gmail.com.