Learnıng Indeed

Learning indeed is a one-year program with a goal to contribute to development of intercultural dialogue among marginalized youth in Euro-Med region by educating 20 youth about others and “different”, introducing them to stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination and xenophobia and ways to fight these negative trends.

Learning about others and using modern technology and means of expression will be a precondition for decrease of xenophobic behaviour and discrimination in interactions with others.

Activities will be implemented on multiple levels: first is the individual level where participants will explore culture of others in a unique and creative way. The act of “virtual travelling” to another country and learning about its hosts improves intercultural dialogue. Planned result is a youth friendly cultural guide developed for each of 10 countries: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Slovenia, Tunisia, and Hungary.

Second level is combating negative trends and behaviour in the region. This process starts from individual learning and continues through education of youth at the 7-day school in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There, they will be provided with an opportunity to learn ways to combat these negative trends. School will, besides learning part, result with local initiatives to be implemented in 10 project countries.

Third is spreading good practices and culture of “travel” and learning throughout the region, with an aim to indirectly reach more than 10.000 youth and other citizens.

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