8 Countries-28 Participants:

Portugal, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Cyprus, United Kingdom. It will be take place in Izmir between 24-30.05.2017

The training course “PR for NGOs” aims to discover the Public Relations sphere, to learn the process of building communication between NGO and its target groups in order to build up a positive image and reputation of an organisation and to find out the most effective ways for promotion of NGOs and their activities. The project is developed for youth NGOs’ workers and activists and youth workers in order to equip them with the practical PR tools that they can use for their organisation if there is no possibility to employ a PR-­‐specialist.


1) To get participants familiar with the meaning, development and the main components of Public Relations.

2) To provide participants with the opportunity to exchange experience in the fields ofPR.

3) To provide participants with practical tools and methods on how to develop and sustain PRstrategy.

4) To develop the essential PR skills at participants needed for effective communication with target audiences and sustainability of their PR-­‐strategies.

5) To explore PR ways of reaching young people with feweropportunities.

6) To promote diversity, intercultural and inter-­‐religious dialogue, common values of freedom, tolerance and respect of human rights among the participants.