Huriye Yildiz

Huriye Yildiz, She is working as project coordinator at Dynamic Development Association. She is freshly graduated from International Relations at Yalova University. She also studied one year in Marmara university with Farabi Exchange Program and one year in University of Lodz, Poland with Erasmus program. During her academic career, she paid great attention to her lessons but she was not a person who only saw the education inside University. Thanks to its feature of her, she started to take part in the Erasmus+ project with Dynamic Development Association. She went to Armenia and Spain and later started to become a local volunteer in Dynamic Development Association. After two year of volunteer + part time job experience in association, now she is vice-president and project coordinator of association. Thanks to Erasmus+ she has been in 15 countries and 32 cities so far. Lately, she participated three Training of trainers in London ,Southease and Istanbul about entrepreneurship. In addition to them, she attended a project about Democracy, and Human Rights in Poland. Now, she has an idea which she wants to turn into an enterprise. In addition to it, she is getting ready to attend an internship in international company at Italy.

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