Be a volunteer

Hello there!

We are very glad that you want to be a volunteer!

Firstly, You do not have to pay any fees to join our association. Our most important concern is if you have a love for working with youth and learning new information. If Yes, Join us! You can fill the form besides to join us and take the first step towards volunteering for the association. There is no need to do anything after that, we will communicate with you.

As the Dynamic Development Association, we focus on contributing to spiritual bringing and collecting by removing our memberships from the material dimension. This is why we aim to organize a number of events to ensure that our participants for the projects will continue to contribute to our association and society.

These activities include;

Video; We aim to encourage the participation of others in their Erasmus + projects by recording the moments from the first day of the project to the last day of the project, making a short video and delivering it to other people through both the people around us and our association.

Events; this is a short event that our Participants will mention about their experiences in the project, with photos and a short presentation, in an environment of at least 10 people. This event can be held in a school, a course, a university, and through this way, more people will benefit from Erasmus + projects.

Online Writing; It is an activity that the participants will write about their experiences during the project with texts and photographs in digital environment. It aims to inform and encourage people who want to participate in Erasmus + projects by publishing in the Dynamic Development Department’s online blog and website.

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