Frequently Asked Questions

Youth Exchanges offer the opportunity to meet young people from different countries and learn about each other’s cultures. The groups plan together Youth Exchange around a topic of mutual interest. With this Action, young people can participate in international projects. In order to participate in a Youth Exchange, your foreign language does not have to be at a very good level

. • Participants are between the ages of 13-30 and there is no age limit for group leaders.

• The main activity is carried out at least 5 and at most 21 days excluding travel days.

There should be at least 4 participants in each group except group leaders.

This activity supports the training of active people in youth work and organizations, in particular the exchange of experiences, expertise and good practice among them, as well as long-term quality projects and activities that will lead to partnerships and networks.

• No age limit.

• The main activity takes place between 2 days and 2 months, excluding travel days

You can find above the general conditions concerning youth exchange and the mobility of youth workers. In addition to these, each projects has its own requirements.These conditions are shared with the application form when the project call is made. You can find the most suitable project for you by examining the conditions in the call.

Also, you do not have to be a good English speaker to participate in youth exchanges. The aim of this program is mainly to engage youths with different cultures and learn from each other.

Contrary to what you might think, this program is also aimed at improving English language skills for young people who are not good at English and who cannot speak and practice with foreigners.

In addition, to be able to participate in the program of mobility of youth workers you need to have a good English proficiency. Understanding the information provided during this training course is important both for your own development and for the development of the institutions you work with. So you have to be good at your level of English, as it is important to have full participation and mastery of the topic throughout the project.

You do not need to pay any fees to benefit from the program. All expenses such as transportation, accommodation, food & beverage, and visa-costs are covered by the European Union in the Erasmus + projects.

When you are accepted for a project, the project has certain amounts reserved for transportation costs for each country participant. For example, you are accepted for a project in Spain. Spain has allocated an amount of 360 Euros for transportation costs to those participating from Turkey. All transportation means (excluding taxi) will be calculated based on this amount.

Generally, participants pay their transportation costs before the project by themselves. The fees paid are either returned during the project or within 1-2 months after the project.

Your visa costs are covered before the project, too. During the project, food and beverage and accommodation expenses are covered.

For every project, the countries you go to are allowed to stay for 1-2 days outside the project days. However, on those days your costs are not covered by the project budget. You have to pay for it by yourself.

If you want to learn about the Mobility of Youth Workers and Youth Exchange of the Dynamic Development Association, you can follow us through social media. Our team shares participant calls for youth exchange and trainings in our social media accounts.

Facebook address;

Instagram Address; @DinamikGelisim

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First of all, you should follow our association’s social media accounts so that you do not miss participant calls.

We share our participant calls with a file including what the project is about, its goals, the participant profile and the application form. If you think that you are suitable for the project, you need to fill out the application form and send it to us. As the Dynamic Development Association, the only thing we have taken and examined most in the selection of all projects is the application form, so the motivation you write there is important to us. Applicants who submitted CVs are not considered. We will only consider what you write in your application form.

You do not need to be a member to apply for the Dynamic Development Association projects. But there are activities you need to do during and after the project. You can click here to become one of our team.

First of all, congratulate you, you succeed the difficult process!

Once you have received the mail regarding your acceptance into the project, you will receive support from the Dynamic Development Association and the country organization you will be going through in all the processes related to the other phases.

The door of our association is always open to young people who have a love of working in the field of youth and who want to learn new information!

To become a volunteer, you should like our social media accounts and send a form to us to join our team! After this process, we will provide you with a relevant return to the volunteer process.

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