Eyes Of Cultures 2

The project aims to promote dialogue and initiate peace building for reconciliation and to deconstruct prevalent stereotypes of the communities between Armenia – Turkey, Georgia – Russia, Ukraine – Russia through visualize current and frozen conflicts by creating documentary videos and training course to train peace builders as ambassadors to multiply in local level. Videos will be taken in Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Georgia and Turkey with follow up a training course in Georgia and showing documentaries in cinema with media conferences in Turkey, Georgia and Ukraine.Each country will send 4 participants for project

The project is consisting of 4 different steps and three different groups (group A, B, C)

STEP 1: Preparation phase;

In this phase participants will prepare special complex task. They will make thematic portfolio described by artist’s statement and it also can be complemented by comments of local people, short interview, quotes etc. The main is to show through visual communication tool (documentary) the people attitude to the conflict, how it is reflect in their daily life and analyze the influence of this conflict on the future life of different nations in the peace perspective. The general topic will be the common history and common values, cultures aspects, traditions.

STEP 2: Parallel implementation phase;

This phase will take 1 month. Each country groups will shoot movies in their countries to raise awareness about current conflict and impact of conflict on society. They will shoot movie in different cities. Each country group will prepare at least 3 movies 10 minutes length.

STEP 3: Common Training Course and movie presentation;

All participants will meet in Rustavi, Georgia. This phase will be 10 days. In this phase participants will share their experiences. Then they will have workshops on peace building and dialogue for 5 days then will travel to Tbilisi. After that they will shoot movies in Georgia by creating theme for movie to promote peace. The day 8th the movie and documentary will be shown in cinema in Tbilisi follow up with media conference. NGO representatives, Mayor of Tbilisi, media will be invited to this event.

Initial introduction and interaction of the participants; creation of the atmosphere of tolerance and trust among the group through non-formal education methods. This will be conducted by non-formal education methods.

STEP 4: Showing of Movie/s;

After Tbilisi, Georgia, the movie will be shown in Ukraine and Turkey in one cinema and one media conference will hold to promote the result.

For each cinema at least 250 are expected for each movie show.