Sinem Pala

Sinem Pala is highly qualified and experienced on IT. She provides IT support to our organisation.

She is also experinced with various Erasmus+ projects in various countries with such topics as active citizenship, provide an idea on the current youth unemployment, how to use methods to teach young people to be active citizens, planning ideas to put on action through the coaching, consulting and mentoring methods and more. Develop skills and competences creative thinking, active participation, communication, project and financial management, role-playing, simulation games and more.
At the age of 19, she is chosen only delegate of her university to represent it in the the national congress. A year after, the board of the congress in another city, they invited her to become Vice-President and organise the international congress. End of the event, she’ve been awarded with plate of success by the rector.
She completed her European Voluntary Service experience for 10 months in Malta to design educational information boards for Ecology school, rescued wildlife animals such as sea turtles and hedgehogs, provided enviromental activies and educations for school children and raised up donations to build wildlife animal rescue center, plant nursery and more.
Recently, she runs her own business in the U.K.

You can contact her by: